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FINALIST!!! at The NYC AAL Film Festival

We are proud to announce 'A Most Savage Beast' has been Officially Selected for the final round at the AAC Film Festival in New York next Month.

The NYC AAL Film Festival was established to provide a thriving platform for the creative vision of today's emerging artists from all ethnicities. The film festival is a chance for filmmakers to heighten their professional presence by showcasing their visual creations to an influential audience, gaining critical media exposure while firming up industry relationships.

The NYC AAL Film Festival will be an exhibit of personal stories and original ideas that honors traditional forms of storytelling and inspiring, not only new, but experienced filmmakers from New York City and around the world to produce and submit their new state-of-the-art film excerpts. The Festival also participates in the music video screening art form, a new edition to the Film Festival business model.

The NYC AAL Film Festival invites you to get involved in the grand opening of 2020. They are now accepting feature-length movies, short films, documentary, music videos, TV series, Web Series, Youtube Series, Theatre plays, and Special Stars with Disabilities from specialists and amateurs. The event will include daily broadcasts, critic panels, host social events and other diverse interacting opportunities for everyone involved.

Notable industry affiliates from all walks of the film business will be present. Distributors, media, producers, screen writers, casting agents and more will fill the grand opening with a professional presence. We invite filmmakers from all around the world to experience the attractions of NYC, known for its creative talent and diverse community.

We look forward to see you at the festival with 'A Most Savage Beast.' from the 6th to the 8th of November.

You can check more out about the festival at:

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