Released in 2017. The Snowman directed by Thomas Alfredson staring Michael Fassbender. Tyrant film was hired and worked with props, set design and even hired a few of us as extras. See if you can spot us.  

The Rock'a was the first film collaboration Tyrant films did with a Norwegian company. It is a Mockumentary style film about a man wanting to re-live his youth. Tyrant Films helped with the cinematography and fixing in the UK.

Working for the CBBC and 'All Over the Place' will probably be the most fun you will ever have on a shoot. Tyrant Films was responsible for fixer duties when the crew came to shoot in Norway 

Kæsten og Petra is a feature film by Cine Nord. It was a really cold shoot. Tyrant Films helped with prepping the set.  

This was the first instance we had to work with a feature film in India. Tyrant film helpred with odd jobs around set on Jaane Kahan Se Ayaai Hai.

It was cold shoot in North of Norway. Tyrant Films helped with fixer duties during the filming of The Real Viking s in Norway.